Friday, August 31, 2012

Pacific Portals Adieu!

This morning the three of us went down to Long Beach to take down the Pacific Portals exhibit at the Long Beach Public Library - Main Library.  This small format tapestry exhibit has been up for two months and today was the day to take it down.  Even on the last day there were folks admiring all the the work.

So quickly the exhibit came down.  It had taken us hours to hang the exhibit and less than thirty minutes to remove the pieces from the walls and display cases.    The library looked so sad, quiet and empty with all those colorful tapestries off the wall and packed in my van.  It was as if the tapestries had been talking and making the library alive with sounds; the sounds of color.  Now it was so quieit, so hushed... like a library?  Fortunately new exhibits were coming soon.

As walls were unwrapped
And books whispered adieu
Pacfic Portals left Port
Hushed memories grew.

Now it's time for 152 tapestries to make their way home...along with the catalog...that's a lot of packing and mailing.  The postal carrier in the Palisades Highlands is going to be quite busy for quite awhile!   When all the tapestries are on their way home and our documentation is written, only then can we  break out the champagne.

I am glad the three of us agreed to be co-chairs for this exhibit.   The venue was fabulous.  The tapestries were gorgeous.  And the viewers so appreciative of the work involved.   All in all - quite satisfying.

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