Saturday, March 05, 2016

Tapestry Graffiti

Finally my tapestry diary is hanging... 

It's a wall of tapestry graffiti memoralizing the four quarters of 2015; my local weather, world & celestial events plus the 3.0+ earthquakes in my area. 

Still some finishing to do but it's quite a feeling of accomplishment to see the pieces on the wall.  I enjoy just sitting and looking at the tapestries. I designed them to be contemplative so no real focal point.  The eye can explore, linger or hurry along. I certainly will never forget 2015; quite amazing that this represents one entire year of weaving. 

Each panel is 23" by 51" and each square is one day of 2015. I must say they look so much better than the photo. I'll post better images when this storm passes and the sun comes out. 

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