Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Seaside Spectrum at Convergence 2014

I just mailed off our Seaside Spectrum; where color meets fiber to the east coast for its showing in the A Lively Experiment-All Media 2014 Exhibit at Convergence in Providence Rhode Island.   Showing July 16-19th at the Phode Island Convention Center in Providence.

Seaside Spectrum- where color meets fiber is a collaborative piece created by the Seaside Weavers, an ecclectic group of textile artists on the Westside of LA.  We all competed by creating pieces in various colors to part of the final submission. Seaside’s entry is a collaborative entry conceived by me and Merna Strauch consisting of twelve pieces in the twelve colors of the color wheel done in a variety of fiber techniques.  Each 4 by 10” piece is framed in a silver frame. 

The Selection Process
The process started in May of 2013 with construction of the Seaside color wheel made of bits of paper from various magazines and paint chips. Each member was then challenged to create a piece in some fiber technique in the color to which they were assigned. Many members did multiple pieces. In the end there were over 45 pieces from which to select the twelve for our Seaside Spectrum entry. 

Then the fun really began.  All Seaside members got together and in true Seaside fashion - collaboratively chose the best twelve pieces representing its color wheel. In the end, there were many artistically beautiful and technically perfect pieces not chosen because they simply did not get along with their neighbors in the color wheel.   Like Chagall said, All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites.  The selected twelve pieces for our entry were best friends with their neighbors.

I created four pieces; 2 yellow and 2 green.  Only one got selected to be part of the Seaside Spectrum; look for the green one below; green pencils wrapped with green silk along with a green pencil sharpener.  One of the "rejects" was picked up by Small Expressions so all was not lost!

Here’s a list of the winners by color along with their fiber technique.

Red                   Barbara Jones              Silk paper fusion
Red/Orange      Maureen Gilchrist         Crackle weave
Orange             Barbara Jones              Wet felted wool
Yellow/Orange  Marj Meadows              Bargello needlepoint
Yellow               Judi Freed                    Woven with crocheted embellishments
Yellow/Green    Helene Korn                 Tapestry with feather
Green               Nicki Bair                      Silk yarn wrapping
Blue/Green       Margie Fine                  Tapestry with mixed novelty yarns
Blue                  Carolyn Sell                  Ply split braiding single course oblique twining
Blue/Violet:       Karen Leckart               Woven twill checks
Violet                Debbie Shoenberger    Tapestry- eccentric weave in handspun yarn
Red/Violet:        Karen Leckart              Embellished plain weave

The Final 12

When you are at Convergence make sure to check out the A Lively Experiment exhibit and see the Seaside Spectrum: where color meets fiber.  It will be fun to see how the curators display these twelve pieces.  So many different ways

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