Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Tapestry within a Tapestry

Lots of progress here!

I am so happy I spent that time unweaving the pattern on the blue runner. Now, all in blue, it looks quite simple yet elegant. And the one orange flower in the tapestry [the tapestry within the tapestry] does pop right out. And the shadows really work well.

The plan tomorrow is to finish up to the first brown line on the white paper. At that point, I will verify I have a horizontal line with my favorite tool and then document the yarn colors I have used in this first stage.

What I find most interesting about this piece, is that it is best viewed from a far. It looks so much better a bit back than up front. The closer you get the odder it seems. Clearly it has to do with how we set the perspective. It only looks 'correct' from the right distance and height. We did that deliberatively when designing...actually re-designing the piece.

Next - off to the second stage. I will need to make a new cartoon...the challenge here will be to figure out how to make something that is reminiscent of a redwood tree branch without the level of detail I would normally draw to acheive such an appearance. The vase is supposed to have a couple of redwood branches which the painter picked from outside and put into the vase. Also, in the vase will be a bunch of California poppies - the focal point of the piece. If one poppy pops... a bunch should pack quite punch.

I also get to start the window...finally! Can't wait until tomorrow!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Step Forward?

What a day...about 60 square inches woven...then.... about 45 square inches un-woven...I guess I should be happy...it is a step forward from yesterday.

I decided the pattern for the runner on the table was way too busy and distracting. So much distraction that no one would notice my little flower tapestry inside a tapestry. I will tomorrow replace the distracting now un-woven areas with values of sky blue. I kept telling myself that there was way too much detail for an area outside my focal area and at the bottom of a tapestry...did I listen to that little warning voice in my head...no...no...no...just kept weaving until it was so obvious that it finally hit me in the head. Ah well, it has been fixed...

Tomorrow I will weave some sky blue...with a couple shadows...life will continue.