Thursday, July 02, 2009

Slow Progress on Vacation

Some but not a lot of progress on my giraffe tapestry while on vacation. I have posted a progress shot with it sitting on the newly designed and built petanque court.

The tapestry is still won't 'see' the giraffe until I get more than half way through the piece. I need another 2-3 inches before I am there. As for the petanque court -a lot of progress there but it needs some more packing and drying. I figure over the next several days of 90 degree heat it should be good and hard and ready for play.

The issue slowing my tapestry progress is my back. I cannot seem to find the right chair/table combination to work well. I end up with spasms in my back after just a little bit of time. This is the issue I always have when I travel with my weaving. It's always so much better to weave at home.

I may try weaving in the kitchen standing up to see if that works. But first I think I will design a beetle.