Monday, January 08, 2007

Dyeing in the New Year

I needed to dye some more yarn for the meadow, lake and mountains in that window tapestry that I am supposed to be working on. I wanted some yarn that would have a mottled look, combining several colors. In addition, I needed it to have a base of grey yarn instead of my usual cork. To maintain a strict integrity of plane - the yarns used for inside the cabin will be with the cork. The yarns used for the outside - looking out the window - will use the grey yarns. I am hoping this will provide the right amount of depth to the piece and make the view outside the window resemble a water color while the view inside be more reality based.

Since I had extra dye left over from painting the yarn I used it on my lab coat. You see I bought this lab coat to use for dyeing - I never liked wearing aprons. The problem is that I always am so careful about not spilling anything on it. It was so perfectly white. Really what's the point of wearing it if you never spill?

I took care of that...hopefully I can now dye and not worry about spilling on my lab coat.