Friday, March 27, 2009

A Pulled Tapestry Helicoid

My Spiral Tapestry was woven as a tapestry, thirteen yards long and four inches wide with 182 darts of negative space. Once completed the negative space was removed by pulling the warp and closing the spaces. On one end, the original warp was braided and retained.

Using this method a wonderful spiral was formed similar to tricolor fusilli pasta or a colorful spiral staircase. Technically, the shape is a helicoid; a remarkable form which packs great densities into small spaces.

For shipping, My Spiral Tapestry flattens to a cylinder shape less than nine inches wide and only three inches high. Once opened however, the many yards of tapestry take on an organic and lively appearance as they fall from a helicoidal spiral into a droopy yet energetic shape uniquely its own.

A few more

Friday, March 13, 2009

Back into the Swing

The pressure of the conference is over and I can get back into weaving. My method of getting back into the swing of things is to finish up small items that have been WIP for awhile as I plan my new pieces.

I just finished up this small tapestry which I designed to play with triangles and color. It's a pleasant piece with nice color choices and enough design elements to maintain interest. I need to figure out how to maintain the points of the triangle when they are pointing straight up - there is the tendency to mush down and not look crisp. I may be able to fix that a bit in finishing.

The piece looks quite interesting in black and white... a bit blurry but you get the idea.

I have enough warp left to do a small exercise on angles as suggested by James Koehler in the workshop I took last year. So that's next on this loom. More on that exercise later.