Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It is always interesting how the idea for a tapestry comes to fruition. While at the Tapestry Weavers West exhibit in Petaluma earlier this year, I saw the proportion of a tapestry that I wanted to weave. It was big; five feet high and seven feet long. It looked absolutely wonderful; perfectly proportioned on the big white wall. That proportion has been mulling around in the back of my mind along with a few other ideas and I now have this great concept for a tapestry; I can see it clearly.

However, five by seven is pretty big; I'd have to weave the tapestry sideways since my loom is only six feet wide. That raised some issues to mull over. Since I've never woven anything the entire width of my loom I decided I'd go slightly smaller, with a similar proportion, 6 by 4 1/4 feet.

I cut out paper to use as a cartoon and realized it may be smaller than my original idea but it is still massive - no table big enough at this house....will be on my knees drawing out the initial lines of the cartoon.

Speaking of massive, I wondered if the piece would be intriguing enough to keep my interest for the months it will take to weave. After more mulling, I've decided to weave a slice of my piece; a sample of sorts; about 18 inches wide and 4 1/4 high. This smaller slice of my design will allow me to get the colors right, the technique sorted out and give me more time to mull over the final design.

It is fortunate I wanted to start with a smaller slice. When I went to my warp stash - there was only enough warp of the size I needed for a slice. More mulling over whether I want 30/18 or something slightly smaller. But that mulling can wait for another day.

My loom is threaded and waiting for the final tie-up. Simply need to finish up the cartoon, dye some yarn and get weaving. I'd like to start weaving by the end of May.