Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Happy!

I spent some time, not very much time, winding my recently dyed skeins to spools for my spool rack by my Big Shannock. They are exactly the colors I was hoping for. I am excited about weaving this piece....will start after all my exhibit pieces are many places and so much detail work.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

In Search of the Right Red

I finally got around to dyeing my yarn for my upcoming tapestry...the weatherman forecasted no 'June Gloom' for Saturday so I figured it would be a great dye day...six hours later the sun finally came out and my family of reds was all dyed.

The tapestry I will be weaving next on my Big Shannock is a poem I wrote as a kid. Similar in concept to the small piece that I am working on now but different in size, yarn, sett... I am designing this piece to be a sampler which would use a variety of reds and its closer relatives to see how they look with each other.

I need a sampler because I still want to weave that large tapestry I designed and I am in search of the 'right' palette of reds to work perfectly with the lovely dark blue violet I bought recently. I can see it my mind...just have to find it in reality. My yarn is a cotton-silk blend where each component takes the color a bit differently for a lovely mottled look. It's always a surprise to see how the color takes to the yarns.

Although the yarns are not yet dry I can see some absolutely lovely reds here...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Poem in Tapestry

Here is a small tapestry I am working on; it's about half done. It is four inches wide and will be about 10 inches long when complete. It is woven in silk singles.

When I cleaned my studio earlier this year I found a folder my Mother had kept and later gave to me. It included all sorts of writings and art work I had done when I was a kid. This tapestry is a line from a poem I wrote for a creative writing class. It still gives me the same feeling when I read it today as I felt when I wrote it long ago.

There are a few other lines from poems I wrote that I really love. I am going to weave another on my Big Shannock.