Monday, May 21, 2012

My Fiber Slaps in Handwoven

My Taqueté Fiber Slap Bracelets

These are my taqueté slaps that consumed my life for the first couple of months of this year.  They were designed and woven for an article in the May/June 2012 Handwoven magazine that I wrote.   These are great bracelets, which slap around the wrist, since they are light, colorful and fit pretty much any size wrist.   I designed a simple repetitive pattern for the bracelets which used three shuttles; silver, turquoise and black yet appeared to have three shades of turquoise through an optical illusion.   By swapping the positions of the three colors; six different bracelets are possible with the same shuttles.  I also did a few from different parts of the color wheel.    I felt like a mom sending her kids off to pre-school when I mailed them off to Colorado for their photo shoot.  They should be home again soon.

Now, only one more big project and I can get back to tapestry weaving.  I have several ideas churning through my brain.  Is it time for another addition to my butt series or perhaps a poem in silk or....ah I can feel the excitement increasing...