Thursday, May 28, 2009

Neat and Tidy Soon

I have not had much time to do any tapestry weaving recently; perhaps an hour or so to work on one spot on my giraffe piece. However, I am excited about what my DH is working on in the garage. It should spur me on to focus a bit more on tapestry.

When I was at CNCH a tapestry weaver had set up all her tapestry yarns on spools on a rack. She had a bobbin winder on top to easily combine yarns as she needed them. See photo.

So neat and tidy...I just love neat and tidy when it comes to my tapestry yarns. DH is sanding, priming, staining and finishing an old spool rack for me. He is staining it with a white wash so there is no yellow cast from the color of the wood. I did the same thing with my bobbins...I hate that yellow cast - it makes the yarns look a different color.

I will show off my new tapestry yarn rack when its all spruced up and all the yarn is organized. It should inspire me to work on my tapestries vs. my novel or my beetle collection or my optical illusion experiments or my ...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two Tapestries on View

I had the opportunity to see my creations hanging in two different shows over the past week.

I had a tapestry accepted into the ATA's International Small Format tapestry exhibit called Connections. I went to the opening last week at the San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum with my sister. We drove down from Sonoma with the top down. There were lots of people there, many of them artists in the show as well as other interested folks. I talked briefly about how I designed my piece based on a Fibonacci grid. It's called Over Easy. If I recall correctly four or five other artists spoke about their pieces. All in all - quite a fun day.

Yesterday, the Fiber Open II opened at CSU Channel Islands. DH and I went up to check it out. I was real interested in seeing how they exhibited my tapestry spiral. Did they lay it out over the tube I provided, or a box or from the ceiling with the 'S' hooks I provided? I gave the curators a variety of options and said it was up to them since each time the spiral is displayed it will be different.

The piece actually was hung against the wall using one of my hooks and a picture hook in the wall. They had not unwrapped the eight foot long tails when I got there since the floors had just been cleaned. The photo I took was before we unwrapped the tails so I cropped the piece for a less distracting view.

I am going up again for the opening so hopefully I can get a better shot. It looks good with the long tails piled up on the floor. For future shows, I think I may also paint the 'S' hooks white [they are now black] so they don't stand out so much on white walls.