Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Second Brim

It's taken about a month with some steady weaving over the last week to finish my contribution to our collaborative tapestry hat. This is for the Celebrate Color! Fashion Show at the Color Connects fiber conference in Riverside March 2009.

This is my hat brim. There are actually two brims for the hat - an inside and outside brim. I did collaborator did the other. We haven't figured out whose will be inside and whose will be outside. Who knows perhaps the hat will be reversible. Both are woven in dyed silk and cotton since both of us are allergic to wool. My brim has three hummingbirds going for the nectar in the red and orange flowers. The other brim has an entire flock of colorful birds - weaver birds undoubtedly.

Those yellow strings on my brim will be snipped and hopefully will look like delicate stamens. I may put some beads on the ends too. It's bit tough to see since one must look through the warp. I haven't taken the piece off the loom yet. I need to consider how to finish off the edges before I allow all those warp ends to be loose and run away.

This was fairly tough to weave. You may think it was the doughnut shape that made it difficult to weave - but not really. The worst part was the tension. It had to be the worst tension I have ever woven on - extremely uneven. If I had had an empty loom of the appropriate size I would have started over with a new warp. But no empty loom so I persevered with this one. It will be interesting to see how it looks after finishing. that this hurdle is completed, I feel a productive week coming up...