Monday, December 29, 2014

Starting the New Year

I write this post as my tapestry warp
rests in an azure pool...

I decided this year to work on one of those calendar tapestries that many tapestry artists have been doing...

I have done something similar in the past with my "Brick Wednesday" tapestry.  In that one, I wove at least one brick every Wednesday until I got a bit bored and ignored the tapestry for several years just finishing it this year with a bang. 

I have a concept but need some bright and cheerful warp to keep me going for the entire year.  I selected azure as my inspiration.  I hope the warp color is true to the color in the photo of the dye pot.  I always use dyed warp since I like to have the option of having exposed warp and white warp looks so naked and unfinished.  White warp also strains my eyes against all my white walls so a colored warp is always better in my studio. 

I will be using my Big Shannock for the piece even though it will be but a couple feet wide.  I envision four sections; one for each quarter.   

Ah the bell rings...I must go stir my dye pot!