Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Tapestry Year?

Will it be a tapestry year?

Not much tapestry weaving for quite awhile. However, I did sign up for the ATA Retreat in July with James Koehler and a couple workshops at Convergence so there is tapestry in my future. Plus, one of my recent tapestries will be in an exhibit in Petaluma.

I am in the design phase of two new is smaller than a dinner plate. Its for ATA's Small Format Exhibit. The other is big; the biggest piece I have ever done. Both are quite exciting. But before I get beyond the design phase for these two, I need to finish framing a piece for one of the Convergence exhibits as well as clean my studios. One studio is done; one to go- plus there is the yarn dungeon which needs to be organized....

So it should be a couple of weeks before anything interesting happens in tapestry land.