Thursday, June 16, 2011

Third Tapestry Banner off the Loom

I finished the weaving portion of my third tapestry banner and have it hanging temporarily on the wall to straighten out a bit before I go further.  It is a bit shy of 100 inches and exactly 20 inches wide.    It's so tall, I need a taller ladder than my two step to raise the nail about 4-6 inches so I can have the tapestry hang without touching the floor.

This banner will have more surface design details than my others.    There was a lot of tension issues in this piece most likely caused by the areas of negative space I have where the warp is exposed.  I plan to add small paintings or drawings behind some of the exposed warp once the kinks are worded out of the tapestry.   I will also be adding some designs in yarn or roving in some other places along with some black beads I have been dying to add to a piece.

I am also considering making the back have an interesting design on the back lining  so the tapestry can hang and be viewed in two directions.   I ran out of time and energy on my first banner so its viewable only in one direction.  The back is simply a red backing and a label.  I am still searching for the right beads for my second banner so I could add an interesting back to it too.

Looks like I will have a fun and long road to the finish on these...