Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dots & Desserts continued

I worked on my Dots & Desserts project, In Search of a Kiss, at our tapestry group last Friday. I finished the solid gray part with the dotted path.

This week I spent a couple hours on Tuesday and maybe four hours yesterday working on the maze. And this is all I fact there is a small error in the second row so I will be ripping that row out and starting over.

Let's see, the furthest I have gotten is four rows of the maze. At that point, I didn't like the height of the rows and felt it would look much better if they were wider. Of course, I had ripped out the second row, at least two times and the third row at least four times...

The maze is a quite a challenge to weave. The maze is designed with twenty seven columns each consisting of three warps. If and when there is a dot, it must be close to the middle of the row as well in the middle of the column. Sounds quite taquete it would be a breeze. On a tapestry loom. weaving back to front, upside down and with bobbins is entirely a different matter!

My DH has suggested this is a perfect project to take on vacation. Hardly need to bring any supplies, since all I do, is weave a bit then rip out the same section, weave a bit, rip a bit...etc.

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