Sunday, May 06, 2007

Almost Ready

It was a nice warm day today so my dyed yarn dried quite quickly. It turned out I had had a busy Saturday - I had fifteen skeins to dye; some were immersion dyed and others were painted. They are now all balled up and organized.

I think am ready to weave...can't wait until tomorrow! I never weave at night.
Looking at the yarn, the value contrast is about right for the mood I am going for. It is always so interesting to see if I can get on the loom the feeling I can see in my brain.
From a pictorial standpoint, there will be a giant harvest moon rising over three sand dunes in Death Valley. No people, no animals, no plants...just the sand of the dunes, the rocks of the moon and the stars at celestial twilight.
Looking at the colors - easy to imagine harvest moon rising over the Napa Valley...tougher to visual Death Valley. Boy this is going to be fun.

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