Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Van Goghing Along

As you can see, I have made some progress on my Van Gogh inspired piece. However, this side of my studio has gotten quite messy and I hate to work in a I worked on this instead for a couple of weeks and got that project off the loom. These are my two 'tough' projects...quite exacting pieces where each dot must be in the right place or it is obviously wrong to even the most inexperienced eye.

I just spent some time cleaning my baby shannock corner so I think I can start weaving again on my Van Gogh piece. I am on about ' row 30' and there are 72 rows total plus a hem. So, let's see...that's about 40% done. I still have about a month to finish weaving it. I figure, it will take me a couple weeks to finish and figure out how to frame it. I did already buy a lovely antique gold frame for's coming in the mail. Sounds like I am on track for the October 8th unveiling.

I will post a photo of the front when I get the neck figured out. I am considering removing what I've got since it looks a bit bulky and replace it with some finer weaving at 2 vs. 3 wefts per pass.

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