Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cassette Tape Tapestry

Here is a tapestry I recently finished, Santa Monica Bay at Civil Twilight. I like how the moonlight simmers in the sky and reflects in the ocean.

This was an experimental piece. The tapestry was woven with cassette tape. The palette is somewhat subdued due to the inherent nature of the 'yarn'. I used about three cassette tapes to weave the piece using singles. The stuff goes a long way. I also pounded the cassette tape flat. To acheive the shimmering sky, I lightly spray painted the cassette tape brown with a chrome white paint.

The sett was about 12 epi and the final piece is about 7.5 inch square.

This is one of those pieces which grabs you from afar and draws you in. The metallic moon is stunning. It is done with some metallic thread. When you get close you start to notice the details; the twisting of the trunk, the painted cassette tape in the sky and the undulating warps.

It was quite difficult to weave...I have never pounded a piece as strongly as this with my beater. To break the habit of excessive beating I wove a second piece in which I never picked up the beater. Check out my next entry.

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