Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Shortest Route

I have been working on a series I call Deja Vu which exemplifies the many approaches and paths one can follow through life. Here is a photo of one of the pieces. It is called The Shortest Route. I have completed two other in the series and I think I have another two in mind to complete the set. I had originally thought three would be the number. But the ideas keep popping up in my brain.

They are all done in hand dyed silk with dyed warp. I have been exploring negative space and exposed warp through out this series. In the next several weeks I intend to have these three 'framed' and ready for show. I have completed the one with the slanted warp. It actually was not hard to weave and once framed perhaps a photo will appear.

I won't be able to start any new ones until perhaps November. I am going to take a Color and Design workshop with James Koehler which should keep my brain focused in other least for awhile.


Peg in South Carolina said...

Ahh, blowing up the picture explains the dyed warps. Sometimes I'm a bit slow!

Fiber Notes from Nicki said...

The Shortest Route has the smallest amount of warp exposed. The first piece I did was the actual 'map' of the various routes and is quite exposed. I dyed three colors of warp red, blue and yellow with the intent that there would be three pieces.

julie barnett said...

fascinating ideas - thought you might like to know i have just set up an international weaver's showcase to allow weavers to sell their work - please have a look at and contact me if you or any of your fellow spinners & weavers are interested - thanks julie