Sunday, October 17, 2010


Here I am at a very familiar place. I've got a loom warped, the warps spaced & twined with six pics of warp woven in. The final tapestry will be twelve inches wide and 7.5 inches tall when complete.

Now is the time to commit. This is the point I always pause... and ask myself -

Do I really want to spend the time and effort to weave this piece?

Would I rather spend my time on something else?

Is the design and technique interesting enough to keep my attention to the end?

Is there something unusual, new or fascinating about the upcoming journey?

Do I have the patience to weave at 14 epi in silk singles?

Having paused and written down these questions; I am going back to tweak my design and yarn selection. It just occurred to me I can add some layers of experimentation and complexity to keep this road one less travelled and more interesting.

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Rebecca Mezoff said...

Ah, I love and hate that place. Thanks for posting these questions... they are very worth asking.