Thursday, March 03, 2011


I am in a color and fiber study group which  researches a given topic, shares what we find, explores the concept in fiber and other mediums and then creates an exhibit quality piece.   Our current topic: neutrals.

I decided I would avoid increasing my stash with new yarns and would attempt to create a tapestry with the neutral yarns I already have.   My normal approach would be to create the design then select the yarns.  This time I have the yarns and I am waiting for my yarn to speak to me about the design it would like to be.

I have put all my neutral and near neutral yarns in a basket in my studio. So far, the yarn has not had much to say.  

I will keep listening....

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B. Starfire said...

pick the yarn up, start to weave, and let it speak through your fingers. I often have the same feeling with paint, embroidery floss, or even the words for my poetry. try some crayons/colored pencils on paper for brainstorm sometimes helps.