Friday, August 12, 2011

Not Weaving

I am not weaving any tapestry at the moment...finishing several, designing one and racking my brains out on another.  It's an odd place to be.  I spent some time working on a plan as to what I should be working on when in order to accomplish the things I want to accomplish by when.  And I am where I should be.

Our tapestry group is working on a group project consisting of a dozen and a half small tapestries which tell a story.  I finished page 1 and am now designing page 7.  I am scheduled to weave/finish it in September.  Our group projects have lots of rules and regs to follow and this group project is no exception.  There are specified yarns which must be used in at least half of the piece, a red and a blue which must be used in all pieces and sizes to the overall piece as well as the frame.    Such limitations are said to provide greater unity to the combined pieces as well as spur one's creativity.  All true.

The page of the story I am illustrating is an underwater scene at the sandy bottom of the Santa Monica Bay with a menacing surf perch...  I'd like to achieve that impressionistic look with the colors blurry up close but clearing as one steps back.  The size is 9 by 12 inches with a sett of around 6-8.

My first drawing, done on tracing paper and in crayon is on the left along with some of the stipulated palette.    On my next revision, I hope to have a more menacing fish plus show more realistically the variances in light reflections under water.  I think I'll try watercolors instead of wax crayons to achieve a better idea as to what the finished tapestry might look like.

View from my loom 
It's not a rush...I have it laying out on a table in my studio so the yarns and the design can speak to me.  On another table I have my waxed crayons as well as my soluble crayons waiting for their daily spin. And in the corner, my buddy watches.

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