Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Sense of Place

I am spending lots of time finishing this month.  My to-do list is long.    I've got seven pieces completed in the last week which are now ready to hang. But I am most excited about one that isn't even on my 'to-do' list.

I am piecing together a frame for one of my favorite tapestries. I have had it framed three ways and never been satisfied. This new frame is made of small pieces of wood from an antique used printing press. There are few pieces in the same color or condition.  Many of the pieces have numbers on the ends.   I found a box of these pieces in my closet.  They came from my Mother's stash.  

Having put all the wooden pieces together to fit around the tapestry with a few cuts here and there, I am now carefully gluing the pieces together.  The shuttles, antique iron and block of wood are keeping everything straight.  Once glued, I'll need to mount it on a board and attach the tapestry.

This will probably take another week or so to finish up.  But so far so good.  The blocks of wood work nicely with the blocks of letters in the tapestry. I do believe this tapestry has finally found its sense of place.

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