Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Wedges Appear

Pelican Viewing the Sunset - WIP

I found some time to get back to the loom today and started putting in the wedge weave into my pelican tapestry.  I was pleasantly surprised see how 'wedgey' it became.  On the two other wedge pieces I wove (albeit smaller and different setts) I didn't see any wedges until I released the tension.  But here it's quite visible. I've got a fairly good tension; a bit tighter than I would normally use yet the wedges are visible after just one or two passes.  It will be interesting to see how much more it will distort when the tension is released.

This tapestry is a bit of a sampler of sorts.  On the side I just finished; to the right of the pelican, are strips which vary in width and I am having the wedge go completely across the strip.  By doing this, I can see how the width impacts the size and shape of the wedge given this sett and yarn.

Tomorrow, if I can make it back to this loom,  I start working on the left side where the strips are the same size and I get to vary other parameters.    

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