Saturday, October 20, 2012

Framing a Woven Comic Strip

I finished weaving a small tapestry yesterday and have started working on the framing for it.  It's a small piece; 5 inches by 13 inches woven in white linen.  I'll show a photo of the piece when it's framed... Given it is white it will need to have its space protected on the wall otherwise it will simply blend away into nothingness.

It was a fun piece to design; combining humor, and my love of beetles and fiber.   The piece is a woven comic strip; mostly white with black outlines a bit of red.  The name of the strip is Dung B. Daily.  And I have the inkling to create some additional strips under the same name....but with pen and paper vs. weft and loom.

Given that this tapestry represents the old style comic strip from a newspaper it seems only fitting that it be framed in pieces of an antique printing press.  I still have a few pieces left over from my stash so I am building a special little spot for this tapestry to reside.  The pieces are walnut and I wanted them just a bit darker; not black but almost black with the grain of the wood still showing.  I bought this water based stain in a color called Onyx and it seems to have done the trick.  Tomorrow I'll cover the wood with varnish and put all the pieces together and see how it all comes together.

It's one of those pieces that makes me smile...

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