Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hanging a Tapestry

Pelican Sunset waiting
 to be hung
Almost ready for hanging... I finally finished my sewing of the back of my latest tapestry; Pelican Sunset.

I covered the entire back in blue material which matches the sky.  That required a lot of hand sewing since the blue was in strips to match the strips in the wedge weave tapestry.  I didn't want viewers peering between the slits in the tapestry and seeing loose ends.   Now they are all covered with blue.

I also had to decide what color I wanted to show between the slits.  I knew I did not want to leave it up to the color of the wall it might hang on.  I had originally thought of opposites; having the colors in the sunset show up in the water slits like reflections and the water colors showing up in the sky slits.  I also tried an orange red silk through out.   But in the end I went with what my sister liked the best - the shimmering grey of moon light.  Simple and striking.  I sewed in a huge piece of shimmering grey material which hangs loose in the back.

Hanging device drying
I decided to hang the tapestry in a similar fashion as my other large piece Folding Space.  It will hang about 2 and half inches from the wall with the tapestry attached with Velcro to the hanging device shown in the photo.  I just did a touch up job on the paint so I have another few hours to wait before my Pelican Sunset can hang on my wall.

Hopefully tomorrow you can see it hanging in my studio.

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