Saturday, October 24, 2015

Miss Scarlet's Diary

Inside the covers was an actual diary  
Murder in the Round-Excerpts from Miss Scarlet’s Diary was created for an exhibit of the Southern California Handweavers Guild. The exhibit was inspired by the game Clue. Each artist selected a piece of paper from each of three baskets.  On each paper were words—clues to inspire us to create a weaving. Each artist’s words were different. My three words were Miss Scarlet, bedroom and needle. 

From those words JoJo Plume and her friends and family were imagined, her diary written and finally the manuscript bound in dyed woven silk for the exhibit. 

The cover was made warp
and weft of hand dyed silk.
The beads we rolled from fabric.
The back of the journal was woven with weft of red
boucleand warp of golden cotton.

If you'd like to SEE the diary  it will be on exhibit at the Weaving and Fiber Festival, Sunday November 1 at the Torrance Cultural Center from 10am to 4 pm.

If you'd like to READ the diary, I reformatted the manuscript for the kindle and it is available for purchase on Amazon. And yes, it is a murder mystery!


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