Sunday, June 03, 2007

Windows to the Sierras has a home

I have been struggling to figure out where in our house to hang this... I had originally designed it to be viewed from ten feet away assuming you were about five and half feet tall. I had also assumed I would frame it around a 3 by 5 feet canvas so I had wove an extra three inches all around the tapestry so I could wrap it effectively. It also meant I didn't really have to have perfect edges...

Well, everyone seemed to think wrapping around the cansvas would be a waste and I should go with the larger size which is a bit large for the den. It has been hanging there for a month or so. It looks quite unattractive on a white wall. As the viewer, you are to imagine yourself in a log cabin looking out the window to the Sierras. That means log cabin walls...wood walls, perhaps knotted least something wood colored. Not white.

Well, the solution is at hand....I brought a bit of the wood ceiling down the wall. Oh yes, that blanket is history.

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