Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Window to the Sierras

Here's a photo of my the tapestry I wrote about previously. It was hung in an exhibit called The Painters' Studio in Visalia at the ASCH Conference last week.
Those flowers in the foreground are part of the exhibit - a still life of woven and crocheted wildflowers. There is a single California poppy on the table that is replicated in the tapestry - hence my working title for the piece -A Tapestry within a Tapestry.
The piece is 3.5 by 5.5 feet woven on my Big Shannock in a cotton silk blend of yarn. Some of the yarn is hand dyed others are not. I started developing the cartoon in October, started weaving in November, vacationed from weaving most of December and finished in February.
I stayed close to the conference's colors with one palette for the inside of the studio and one for the outside. I used different base yarns for the dyeing. Inside the studio my base yarn was a cork color. Looking out the window, the base color was a grayish blue.
I simply love to stare out the's the feeling I wanted to create in the booth but didn't quite pull off.

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