Monday, July 16, 2007

An Ostrich Sett at 12 epi

I finished up this piece this morning. This was a test piece using a sett of 12 epi with 12/12 cotton seine and two weft threads of the silk I use. I have been sampling different setts with different types of warp and different numbers of wefts.

Interestingly, there was absolutely no pull in on this piece. At least no pull in while it is on the loom. I have room for one more piece on this warp so I really won't know the true pull-in until I finish another little tapestry.

This was one of those pieces I just wanted to be done with. I realized quite soon after I had started that I could use more than 2 wefts on this combination of warp and sett. Plus, I really want to get weaving on my Van Gogh piece but I promised myself I would sample the various permutations prior to starting.

So I figure I will set up for the last little tapestry; tweak the cartoon and give a quick try at 3 and 4 strands to see which looks best. I think that will only require perhaps a inch of weaving...then I will leave the rest the weaving on this piece for my Friday Tapestry Group meetings.

1 comment:

Merna said...

Cute, and so beautifully woven -- the edges are perfect. How was weaving sideways?