Sunday, December 19, 2010


I read this today...100 Accomplishments in 2009...what a wonderful idea...I think I will make a list of my top 100 things I accomplished in should help me plan my journeys for 2011.

Hopefully one of the items on my list will be to finish an 11 CD 'book on tape' which I am listening to as I weave this small 7 by 12 inch tapestry.  This is where I am after four to go. It is rare I can actually listen to an audio book while working.  I have found the constant rain this weekend to be a wonderful time to weave so I suspect before long this book on tape will be done.  

Unfortunately, even though this is a small tapestry, I project it to to be a six+ audio book it won't be done this year.


Lisa said...

May your list of accomplishments inspire you!

Love the colors in your new tapestry!

Rebecca Mezoff said...

I love that you'd measure the time it would take you to weave a tapestry in audio books. :)

rances said...