Thursday, December 30, 2010

Progress Shot - 13 hours and counting

Here is what my small tapestry looks like after one book on tape...a book of 11 Cd's; with approximately 70 minutes per CD.   I've never really tracked how long any of my tapestries actually take to weave but using books on tape seems like an easy way to do it.  

So far the values are fairly close to those in my given design.  The original is a tiny photograph - perhaps 2 by 3 inches without a lot of detail.  Even though I was one of the two who saw the original Georgia O'Keeffe poster before it was cut up into 12 pieces; the design in my piece is meaningless to me.  As I weave I have been adding colors, shading, bits of interest here and there without any context as to what my image actually is. How many times have I heard 'it's all about the image'...well here I am weaving an image totally out of context.  It is somewhat of a clinical exercise; no real passion.  I feel odd weaving a tapestry without that real passion inside.  I normally can visualize what I am weaving - not this time.  So, I just seem to be plodding away...interested in how it is coming out but without great enthusiasm.   The book on tape is far more interesting that the weaving itself.


Merna said...

Looks good! What is this interesting book to which you are listening?

B. Starfire said...

May I ask, what loom do you use. I've thought of doing more than just finger-weaving sashes, but when I look at the cost of Heddle (sp?) looms, I freak out. Your weaving looks beautiful and I can't wait to see more! :)