Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dyeing Opposites

I have had a cold lately and haven't been up for doing many things.   I felt inspired to dye today so I quickly lept into action.

I needed some yarn for a tapestry I am creating which focuses on opposites and the ability of opposites to attract, polarize and also neutralize if and when they come together.   So I selected two fun opposites on the color wheel; a bright yellow green and a wonderful plum red violet and dyed three graduated mixtures of the two.

Here are the results drying in the back yard.  The fog just rolled in so it may be some time before they dry. The very light color at the far left is the yarn color I dyed.   It may look grey but its a bit more tan than the photo would imply.

The colors seem perfect for what I have in mind.  Hopefully, they will look as good when dry.

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