Friday, April 15, 2011

My Studio is Bright

 My studio is quite colorful with two tapestries brightening the room.  I just took off Ocean's Revenge and it is resting on my loom awaiting finishing.  It's companion piece Ode to the Ocean is finished and on the wall.

I must apologize for the photos and my recent silence, I just got a new computer which was fried in a recent series of power surges and it seems everything takes  ten times longer and is ten times more difficult to do with this new one.  I haven't had the time nor the patience to handle the process of getting an exhibit quality photo.   So these will do for now.

These two tapestries each convey a poem in stylized letters; one in reaction to the Gulf oil spill last year and a second about the inevitability of the ocean's impact on our coastal shores.  The first is 20 inches wide and 80 inches long.  The second is shorter but will be close to the other in length once the long coiled fringe is complete.  The yarns are mostly a self dyed cotton/silk blend.  

Both were quite enjoyable to weave.  The first my focus was on flawless execution and ensuring the blue oil oozed down through the middle of the piece.  With the second I became freer using more clashing colors,  a broader palette and will finish with a really fun fringe.

I have two opportunities later this year to exhibit these pieces. I think they will exhibit well together.

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