Saturday, June 23, 2012

Can one ever have too many looms?-

Here is my afternoon project...putting together a four harness Fireside upright tapestry loom.   I am sure it will be easier than it was taking it apart!    It moved from a third story studio in Venice to my studio yesterday.  To get it down three flights in Venice plus through our very thin front door required almost complete dis-assembly.    It's not often one of these looms goes on the market.... and well let's be honest...can one ever have too many looms?  Plus it came with the coolest bench - no assembly required!

Evening Update:  just had a glass of wine.  Loom is together in about a sixth of the time it took to take apart...well as together as it will be for now...all I need is three strong macho men to upright this upright tapestry loom.   Once upright, it should fit nicely into the corner and rest while I order new rigging and freshen up the wood and clean the steel.  Sounds like cleaning a boat...   I hope what they say about boats is not the same about this loom...meaning the happiest day in a boat owner's life is the day he buys the boat and the day he sells it...

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