Friday, July 06, 2012

Pacific Portals

Merna, Karen and I hung the Pacific Portals exhibit at the Long Beach Public Library - Main Library today; 152 beautiful and diverse tapestries from 12 countries.   This is the 9th unjuried international small format tapestry exhibit and is sponsored by the American Tapestry Alliance.

The library is a great venue and allowed us to separate the pieces into three spots; a Lobby Gallery at the entrance of the library, an Art Exhibit area where the tapestries are in display cases and the Lower Level Gallery which as the name implies is on the lower level of the library.   Being able to separate the show into three locations avoids the tendency to be overwhelmed by the great number of tapestries in this exhibit.   We also provided a listing which allows folks to find where a specific person's tapestry is located.

The exhibit will be up until August 30th and is open during library hours.  The library is closed on Sundays and Mondays.  If you are going to Convergence check it out.  If you are not, buy the catalog when it is available on the ATA site - it too is fabulous....but not quite as fabulous as the exhibit itself.

Here are some shots of the exhibit...

Lower Level Gallery

Entrance Gallery

Display Case

More Display Cases

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