Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Brick Wall Cut off the Loom

My bricks resting

I realized I have forgotten to follow-up with photos on a number of projects I have been working on.  Nothing like a summer cold to mess with the memory, inspiration and focus.

Here's a shot of my brick wall just cut off the loom.  Whew...let's see... it's been over five years since I started this piece. Interesting how my style has changed since that first brick.  I have been known to cut off tapestries before they are done if I don't work them for awhile or if I don't like them.  But this one always survived the scissors.  I wonder why...

Weaving a brick wall was an intriguing idea way back fact I still find it intriguing.  Another consideration is that this wall was woven on my Mother's antique counterbalance loom.  I remember my Mom weaving on this loom in our kitchen when I was a kid.  I also remember helping her warp this loom up in Napa Valley when she took on tapestry weaving.  She would always put on huge lengths of warp...and there was always something going on; her loom was never empty.   Since I never had a project particularly suited for this loom, I never felt any compulsion to cut off this warp and leave it naked.  Naked looms are so sad.  But now I have a project in mind...and this loom will be perfect.  Hence the inspiration to get it done.

So now my woven brick wall is  all rolled up ready for finishing ... hopefully in less time than it took to weave.

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