Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ready to Cut off the Loom

Here I am at the top of my wedge weave tapestry. All done and ready to cut off the loom.  This is always a momentus time; a bit scary and a bit exciting.

Recall that this is only my third wedge weave piece... (here is my first one only about five inches high and perhaps an inch and a half wide.  Here is my second one...a bit larger at about 12 inches... )  Between the distortion of wedge weave the the changed design of this tapestry, I have no idea whether this piece will come out useable or not.  It started as a wedge weave sampler but along the way it turned into a larger tapestry that I would like enter in an upcoming exhibit.

The difficulty of weaving a large tapestry is that one can only see a small amount of the tapestry at a time.  In this photo you can see the twining at the top of the tapestry and the portion of the exposed tapestry wrapped around the beam.   Although I was happy with each section of the tapestry as I wove it I have no idea whether it has all come together as I see it in my mind.  When I started this tapestry it was going to be a landscape shape perhaps 40 by 30 with a pelican at the bottom... but as I wove I changed my mind and shifted to a portrait size with the height more than doubling to about 65.

I say 'about' since I have no idea how the wedge weave will distort when taken off the loom.    I did take some steps to lessen the distortion as I wove the piece, but I have no idea whether there will be still too much distortion to make it useable.

Tapestries do take a long time to weave.  This one took about a year - not as long as my brick wall but still quite awhile.  If it were not for the photos I took along the way I would have no memory of the first foot or two.

I guess I have procrastinated enough -  time to go cut it off!

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