Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts Visit Escondido

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts hanging around
at the Escondido Municipal Gallery.

This is the other set of brass rubbings which I framed in fiber.  It is a rubbing of the brass of William and Joyce Roberts from 1484.  They are current on exhibit at the Escondido Municipal Gallery in Escondido until September 26th.

Here are the details about the pair:

Rubbed by Sophia Bair at St. Johns Church
Digswell, Hertfordshire 1970

Framed in fiber by Nicki Bair

In the original brass of 1484 the two shrouded figures, William and Joyce Roberts, were turned towards each other with hands raised in prayer.  The husband has his hair in pudding basin fashion while his wife has long flowing hair.  Note the shroud is tied at top and bottom and meets in the middle with the bare feet and legs visible. 

As noted on the 1484 brass, William Robert was the auditor of the Bishop of Winchester.   Apparently this is a memorial to his wife since William Robert was not dead at this time.  They had two sons and two daughters. William later remarried and died in 1508.  His brass at death pictured him, his two wives Margaret and Joyce plus all six of his children.  The later brass indicated he was the auditor of King Henry VIII.

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