Saturday, October 25, 2014

Asian Ladybugs Under Glass

Every year I create a new beetle design for me and my fellow beetle collectors.
This year I present the Asian ladybug.

Yes, it's my favorite time of the year....I just finished my Beetles Under Glass limited edition for 2014.   I was inspired by a photo I saw with hundreds of multi-colored ladybugs on a log.  They ranged in color from yellow to reddish orange and had lots of spots.

Last year, I put the 'good' ladybugs under glass...this year I did their evil sister - the Asian Ladybug.  The Asian ladybugs (aka Halloween or Harlequin ladybugs) were introduced into the US to help eradicate pests but over time turned into pests themselves.   Even so, they were still fun to weave with each one a slightly or not so slightly different color ranging between yellowish green and reddish orange.  And of course, they had to have a bit of glitz.

Become a collector!

They will be available for a sale at the following events:

The SCHG Weaving and Fiber Festival
Sunday November 2nd
Torrance Cultural Center, Torrance CA

The Designing Weavers Exhibit & Sale
Saturday and Sunday November 22-23rd
Sierra Madre Women's Club
Sierra Madre, CA

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