Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My New Camera Lens

Macro Shot 
Wide Angle Shot
 I finally finished one of my portholes on my small format tapestry and was able to try out these cool camera lenses I got for Christmas.

It fits on my I-phone and has a macro setting with a focal distance of a half an inch.  What you are seeing is silk woven at 14 epi.  I am always looking for a way to take good close up shots of my work.   Hard to believe I can do it now with my phone!

The hardest part was opening up the warp on the back of Mirrix and getting the phone in there without my fingers showing up in the shot.   As I said in an earlier post, this isn't the best loom to do circles and faces.  And is problematic when taking photos of the piece in progress.  With the lens attachment on the phone it was difficult to keep the hands still while holding the camera in position inside the outer warp and finding the spot on the camera to push to take the shot.

From the box the lenses came in you can see there is also a fish eye lens. All three lenses are combined into one attachment. The lens is real easy to use - just slip it over the lens of the camera and shoot. Its magnetic so it doesn't fall off.   Of course, I have a cover on my I-phone so I have to take that off before using the lens attachment.

What fun.  Now back to weaving.

ps  here is a photo of sewing thread woven at 48 epi on my other blog...

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