Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weaving a Circle

Step One In Weaving a Circle
 - weave the base -
I finally made some progress on my small tapestry for the ATA unjuried show, Pacific Portals in Long Beach.

Not much image to see, but a good example of how to weave circles.

I have finished the base of the circles. That is step one.  Next, comes a more interesting part -  I get to fill the negative space with my circular designs. Each circle is a porthole with a person looking out.  Once the images are done I can fill around the circular portholes, add a blue line, switch to a basket weave at a wider sett and presto I'll be done - -  lickety split.


Inga Alpaca said...

Hi Diva, very nice work.
Can you explain in a little bit more detail how you achieve this?

Notes from Nicki said...

Yes. I will do a new post on just that topic!