Sunday, January 01, 2012

One Plover to Bring in the New Year

One plover bird for the New Year!

This is a small tapestry' 9 by 12 inches designed and woven as part of a collection of tapestries which will illustrate a story I wrote about a sand crab whose adventures take her all around the Santa Monica Bay.   Six weavers in our tapestry group are working on this project.  There are 20 tapestries to be woven.

This is my third tapestry in this collection; depicting a plethora of hungry plover birds on the beach north of the Santa Monica Pier using a tetrad as my primary color palette.

My color study group is studying tetrads; a color scheme I don't think I have ever intentionally used.   It seems an awkward scheme which requires one of the four colors to be used far more extensively than the others in order for harmony to be achieved.

Here is a fun website where I developed my color scheme - - called the Color Scheme Designer.

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