Friday, July 13, 2012

Tapestry & Poetry

I finally have a moment to breathe.

Reading a Tapestry Poem
Ode to the Ocean by Nicki Bair
It seems like I have been running at full speed since the beginning of the year.  In six months, I have had an article published in Handwoven, spoken at the San Diego Guild, been interviewed about my piece in Small Expressions, did all the prep work to be up in nine exhibits this year, did all the photography and design work for the Pacific Portals catalog and finished three tapestries for Rita's Excellent Adventure told in tapestry...and the list goes on.  

I really look forward to going to Convergence and kicking back, taking workshops and just hanging around. Even more inviting is August, when I can just sit around in my studio and get some things started on all my empty looms.

I am hoping some downtime will also stir my creative writing which has been at a standstill all year.  When I am racing around to meet deadlines the creative juices simply do not flow.   I had a bit of down time docenting at the Timeless Textiles exhibit in Camarillo where I have two of my tapestry poems; one that addresses the fragility of the ocean and the other which addresses erosion.   I'd like to do another series of tapestry poems; they seem to really engage the viewer who must spend time figuring out the letters which are woven into the tapestry, stringing the letters into words and then reading the poem.  I, probably like most people, read poems too quickly.  Poems are meant to be read slowly and savored.  Each word is important and is carefully selected.   Often the sounds of the words selected add meaning to the message of the poem.   I find writing poetry slow...similar to weaving tapestry.  Both a slow mediums...the perfect combination for me.

Now that I have a moment to breathe, I need to find that stirring in my heart which will bring forth the words of the poem...perhaps this moment is it.

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