Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Adventure Done...more to come

What a fun time all six of us had exhibiting Rita's Excellent Adventure at the Society Gallery during Convergence.  It was definitely worth the time and effort to pull everything together in such a short time.  Although I think my hair has become much more grey. There were a lot of tapestries woven, backs finished and tapestries mounted in a three week time frame.   Plus, an entire book was designed, printed and delivered just in time for the Artists' reception.  The paperback book has the story plus photos of all the tapestries for those who wanted to read the story again, again and again.  And it's now available for purchase on my website.

For me, one memorable moment during Convergence was when I drove past the gallery and was surprised to see the signage the gallery had made for the exhibit. A tear came to my eye seeing my surf perch on the poster.  Who would have guessed I would have poster with one of my tapestries on it.  How cool is that!  And now I have that poster hanging in my studio.  Just seeing it makes me smile.

Another fond memory has to do with folks entering the gallery.  Some went to the right while others went to the left. Normally in a tapestry exhibit, it doesn't matter which way you go.  Since our exhibit told a story, you really had to go clockwise to read & see the story sequentially.  (Well, except perhaps for those folks who read the last page of a mystery story first...) We realized when we saw the gallery for the first time that there might be a problem with folks going the wrong way.  Margie had the answer...she whipped up one more tapestry that simply said "The End".  It was fun to see the folks who went to the right and saw their first tapestry titled "The End'... they would sheepishly smile to each other.. look around to see if anyone had noticed what they had done,,,and then quickly turn to go the other direction.  

How time flies when you're having such fun. It's the end of July and the exhibit was just taken down.  I've included four photos.  The first shows the vacant building that Vayden Roi was re-furbishing to be a gallery space.  The building used to be a bike shop.  Check out those colorful walls!  The other photos include one from the day it went up, a crowd shot from the Artist's reception during Convergence and what the gallery looked like with all twenty Rita tapestries removed from the wall, packed up and heading home.   How empty and sad the gallery looked! 

Many thanks to the Vayden Roi Galleries for allowing us to exhibit Rita's Excellent Adventure for the first time....and for painting those red columns white! 

Now it's time to find the next venue to host the Adventure...

Our First View of the Gallery

Installation Day

Artist's Reception
All Packed Up and Heading Home

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