Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maiden Voyage of my Cantilever Loom

Yes, I am making progress on my wedge weave tapestry...I just don't have much to show for it.

Even though it's my 'vacation', I have been weaving a little bit every day on my new tapestry loom... but still there isn't really anything interesting to see. It's a beautiful four harness upright Fireside loom.

I am weaving from the back and the view from the weaving side is uninspiring due to all the ends.  Of course all those ends signify lots of color changes but you can't really see what I am doing.  And the view from the other side of the loom is even worse since I've got the lower beam obscuring the view.  So even I am not really sure how this piece will look.

In retrospect, perhaps I should have woven this from the front.  Although I am not sure I remember how... Alternatively, I could have started the weaving a bit higher on the loom.  Although at this height, it seemed to be the most comfortable.   I'll check out how comfortable it is at the higher points as I weave along.  Since my sliding bench only slides side to side and not up and down I need the tapestry at the right height so my back or neck doesn't hurt.

[Wow! Wouldn't that be wonderful - a fully adjustable moveable bench which would move up and down and back and forth effortlessly?    Oh forget that - where is my brain?  I already own that! That is the 'secretary' chair I use when weaving on my Shannock!   It has rollers so it moves back and forth and a fun lever to make me move up and down.   So remind me, why did I buy this bench?]

So far, I've got about 40" by 3" done.  It's mostly dark blue and green ripples of the ocean with the start of a black pelican.   I forgot how much large tapestries consume yarn; worse than teenage kids around the refrigerator.  Hopefully, I will have enough of the 'ocean' blues without having to resort to the dye pot.

Looking at the photo, you can see I mark on my warp with sharpies and the only cartoon I've got is the outline of the pelican.   I look forward to getting above the pelican, then there is no cartoon just lots and lots of space to play around with wedge weave.

Once I get up to that horizontal line at about 14 inches, At that  the view may be more a interesting until then I am also warping my Purrington

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Spinning Out of Control said...

Oh very careful of your back and neck. I learned that the hard way ;-(