Thursday, August 02, 2012

Almost Ready

Looks like a loom -
just doesn't quite act like one...yet.

What a beautiful loom...

This loom has been taken entirely apart and now has been put back together.   The beater is working; not elegantly but it is functional.  The reed is installed and all the warp has been re-beamed from the top beam to the bottom and back to the top.  I checked the heddles and all seems it be good in a straight 1-2-3-4 pattern.  It is almost ready to weave.

I also checked to how much warp was on still on the loom.  I was able to save the warp on the top beam when we moved it.  I am glad I looked.  There is quite   a bit - 480 warps across and at least 7 yards of usable 12/6 warp.  It's sett at 12 dpi so I have a maximum width of 40 inches.   That should keep me busy for quite awhile.

All the pulleys and cord were a challenge.  The biggest challenge has been the tie-up at the treadles.  I kept telling myself, really how hard can this be?  This is tapestry.  I only need a straight tabby; not a twill or huck.  Just plain tabby for my maiden voyage. This is not rocket science; they were doing this in the 1800's.  And really Nicki, how many treadles have you tied up before?

Perhaps it's my summer cold but I have spent "quality & quality" time with those treadles and cords and still am not convinced I've got it right. I can get a good shed, much larger than I am used to but to switch I  step on the treadle and then must provide an assist with my hands on the actual shafts.  It is not quite acting like the beautiful loom that it is supposed to be.

I guess I will look at it again tomorrow.  The boys are bottling beer today...

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