Saturday, August 04, 2012

Tetrads Complete - Escenses to follow

Our study group, Centered on Color and Fiber has wrapped up its study on tetrads. 

A tetrad is basically a color palette composed of four points of a rectangle placed on the color wheel. We discovered it is not an easy palette to use since it is a combination of two sets of complements.  In equal proportions we were unable to achieve any palette even close to harmonious with which we would want to weave. But with changes in proportions and value we were each able to create a tetradic palette we liked.  Once we discovered a harmonious four color palette we then discovered that these tetradic palettes had  much more depth and complexity than other palettes. The photos show some of our results.

If you are interested in joining our next color study topic; read the invitation below.

Carolee's Tetrad

Carol's Tetrad

Karen's Tetrad
Three Studies

Deanna Deed's Tetrad:
California Spring Sprang

Nicki's Tetrad:
Lost-One Pair Green Shoes


The  Escences of Fiber

Our study group, Centered on Color and Fiber has wrapped up its study on tetrads and we invite you to join us with our new topic of study starting August 31. 

Our topic: THE ESCENCES of Fiber.  That is to say iridescence, luminescence, opalescence, and any other escence we discover and their specific impact and application to fiber.

An important aspect of our study group is sharing; both via the internet as well as in face to face gatherings.   To participate you are expected to share your insights and discoveries on the escences via our yahoo group, come to three face-to-face meetings (if you are local) plus show you final piece at the June SCHG meeting.  This final piece is expected to be of exhibit quality, utilizing something you have learned about the escences and be submitted to an exhibit or fashion show of your choice by the end of the study period.  

No cost to join but space is limited to twelve. In essence, to participate in our study group you must be willing to share, to create and to exhibit your final creation.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in - 

Here’s the basic timeline:

August 31- October: Study, Play and Share

During this time our goal is to wrap our minds and souls around iridescence, luminescence, opalescence and other related topics.  With these topics we will spend time understanding what each is and what each is not. We will check out the terms in the color theory books we own, those in the library, info on the Internet and other sources.   We will report back via the yahoo group on good sources and useful or interesting information.  We will begin to sample to understand the implications on fiber. We will share any of those 'ah hah!' moments.

October – February: Experiment, Sample & Share

November gathering: Show the results of your sampling and experimentation and discuss your discoveries about our topic.  Start thinking about an exhibit quality piece utilizing what you are learning.

February gathering:   Show your final samples and progress. Discuss where you are heading with respect to creating an exhibit quality piece utilizing what you have learned about the escences.

February-May – Creating & Sharing

Create an exhibit quality piece keeping the group informed of your progress, discoveries and process.   In May we will gather to show off our final pieces and discuss our conclusions about the escences.

May -June – Sharing & Exhibiting

Show off your finished piece at the June Southern California Handweavers Guild meeting and finalize which exhibit or fashion show you will enter for your piece.

Contact me if you are interested!   



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