Tuesday, November 14, 2006

About 5% Done

I have finished the bottom 'hem'. This will go around the canvas and be attached to the back of the canvas. I can now work on the part of the piece that folks will actually look at!

I am getting used to working with the three sets of heddles and corresponding pedals. I had to put some lumber on the floor so my chair would slide back and forth. The chair couldn't slide on the carpet. I am in that section with the alternating blue and lavender stripes which means lots and lots of bundles of yarn. Reminds me of that Navajo weaving class I took a couple of years ago.

Looking at the picture, it looks pretty dark. Given this is the side of the table where there is no light so everything is in the shadows - it should probably be ok. The more interesting part comes in a couple of inches when I get to start working on the top of the table where there are shadows and graduated colors. In addition, there is the golden spiral intersecting the table which needs to be subtly emphasized. Haven't quite figured out what I will be doing there....

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